Wedding Trends – Top 5 Appearing on the Gold Coast

Ecostudio Fellini grounds - photo by Papillion Studio Photography

Wedding trends come and go. Here, we get inside information on the hottest trends at weddings on the Gold Coast.

Picturesque wedding venue Ecostudio Fellini is set in the foothills of Springbrook National Park. Their wedding co-ordinators have put together a list of all the really cute trends emerging lately in the world of weddings.  

1. Stand-up cocktail-party themed weddings

EcoStudio Fellini is receiving a large number of inquiries about cocktail-party themed weddings. A formal sit-down dinner is no longer a necessary part of a wedding these days. In fact, mingling and nibbling seems like the emerging trend for weddings.

Placing big platters of food down in communal areas, plus having wait staff come around with tasty finger food is light, fun and delicious! There are no rules for feeding your guests, but as long as there is a little more food than you need, it’s all good! Don’t forget about the oldies and the ladies in heels though, and provide some seating around the perimeter.

2. A smores station

The smores station is a new trend in desserts that features toasted marshmallows, biscuit and chocolate with a brazier to roast marshmallows. A smores station is a great ice-breaker. There can be several people making their smores at the same time, chatting over the interactive dessert. It helps people get it know each other while diving face-first into the delicious snack. And filling up on smores can mop up some alcohol and stop Uncle Frank and Aunty Betty getting so drunk! You know what happens when they try to dance without their canes…

3. Relaxing weddings with everything in one place: ceremony, reception and accommodation

Couples are seeking a one-stop-shop for their wedding day. Having a wedding that is an “all in one” means that guests don’t have to worry about transport between each stage of the wedding, like the actual ceremony, the dinner, and their hotel.

Wedding Trends - having all parts of the wedding at the same place

If the ceremony, dinner and accommodation is all in one place, the drinking can start early! Phew! There’s nothing like that 11am mimosa to lubricate conversation. Also, the wedding party can stay the night before and get ready onsite so there’s no rushing around on the big day.

4. Natural beauty as a backdrop

Photographs are as much a part of the wedding as the actual ceremony. And new rustic-looking, natural shots are enjoying the spotlight in wedding photos right now. Rainforest backdrops are almost compulsory. Throw in a few chickens, a shed, and some long grass, and you’ll be right on trend.

Wedding Trends - a Nature background

5. DIY styling

It can be difficult to find a venue that provides couples with the option to do their own styling and themeing, and choose their own entertainment. But there are some around if you look. A lot of people now are going minimal, or natural, and this is something they love to do themselves in their own way.

Wedding Trends

You know what happens after the wedding… you renovate a house! Get stuck in, Gold Coasters.

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