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Reducing Your Home Waste this Christmas

THIS IS THE SEASON FOR EXCESS. So you may want to think about reducing your home waste over the holiday season.   Did you know that the City of Gold Coast collects more household waste over the Christmas


So you may want to think about reducing your home waste over the holiday season.


Did you know that the City of Gold Coast collects more household waste over the Christmas holiday period than at any other time of the year?


From unwanted Christmas gifts, packaging, wrapping paper, and uneaten food – our waste increases by around 15% at Christmas time.


In fact, each household generated an average of 115 kilograms of waste in January alone. This is compared to 100 kilograms per month for the rest of the year. 


So whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts or disposing of leftover Christmas food, consider these tips to make your holidays less wasteful. Let’s start giving back to our environment!




reducing your home waste

You can use recycled paper as wrapping paper!


REDUCING OR AVOIDING WASTE is the best option to reduce the impact on our environment. Prevent waste before it happens (or ‘precycle’) over the holidays. You can do these simple things:  


  1. Give the gift of experiences instead of things 
  2. Send e-cards and emails instead of printed Christmas cards and letters 
  3. Use reusable plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, and decor instead of single-use disposable serving ware 
  4. Borrow or rent items you may only need for the holidays rather than buying them 
  5. Avoid packaged food and making food from scratch 
  6. Make space in your fridge and freezer for leftovers 
  7. Use cloth or tea towels instead of wrapping paper


For more tips on reducing your home waste, visit cityofgoldcoast.com.au/recycling




ALMOST 18,000 TONNES of treated wooden furniture are thrown into Gold Coast landfill each year along with tonnes of other recoverable materials.

Instead of sending your usable unwanted Christmas gifts or bulky household items to landfill, why not reuse or upcycle? Why not donate or sell them?

Drop your furniture to the Endeavour facility at Reedy Creek or Molendinar Waste Recycling Centres.

Alternatively, source a local charity that provides a free pick-up for pre-loved furniture donations. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians buy an average 27 kilograms of new clothes a year. After which they discard 23 kilograms of old clothing.

Reuse your old clothes and textiles. Donate to organisations which sell worn/damaged/unsellable clothing to companies which recycle them for industrial rags or textile by-products.

You can also give away your old towels and bedding to animal shelters.  

Find more ideas on reducing your home waste and other recycling options at recyclingnearyou.com.au 

Don’t forget about the Sunday car boot sales across the city. Sell your new and used household items, bric-a-brac, clothes, and many others.  


WASTE IS NOT SOMETHING WE THINK OF as a valuable resource that can be recovered and used again. But that’s exactly how the City of Gold Coast is treating its residents’ household waste. 

The City is recovering more than 100,000 tonnes (around 30%) of our waste each year and turning it into new products.

From wheelie bins, park benches, and road base, to compost, and even energy, the City is closing the loop and recovering household ‘waste’ that would otherwise be discarded into the environment. 

Did you know your real Christmas tree can go in your green waste bin (with the lime green lid)? Broken into small branches, your tree and other garden organics can become a part of the compost used in parks around the city.

More than 50,000 tonnes (or 15%) of household garden organics is currently being diverted from landfill each year. They are being recycled into compost for our city’s parks and gardens.

It is hoped an extra 2500 tonnes will be diverted from landfill with the uptake of green bins across the city.

Green Waste Bin Initiative

Right now, around 20% of Gold Coast household waste which goes to landfill is garden organics.

To maximise your recycling and reducing your home waste, the City is offering a free upsize to a larger recycling bin when you order a new green waste bin. 

If you’re interested in ordering a green waste bin, visit cityofgoldcoast.com.au/ greenwastebin for more info. 

Gone are the days of having to go to several different locations to recycle your unwanted clothes, batteries, paint, and the like.

The new Recycle Street facility provides Gold Coasters with a convenient all-in-one location to dispose of goods. It’s easier to recycle now than ever before! 

There are 11 other Waste and Recycling Centres across the city. ‘Recycle Street’ at Helensvale and Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre is a new self-serve recycling experience that’s easier and more accessible.

Along with your bulky items, you can also drop off clothes, batteries, gas bottles, motor oil, household chemicals, paint, and e-waste while you’re there. 

This season, give the gift of a sustainable city, with small changes that create big impacts. 

Art Made from Rubbish

reducing your home waste

Use recycled paper as gift wrap!

Artist Award winner JACO ROELOFF’S “Superegg” is a fine example of our throw-away society. His 200 kilogram 3D egg-like superellipse sculpture is made of 3000 used aluminium coffee pods and featured in the annual festival at Currumbin Beach in September. Roeloff’s message? The next time you enjoy five minutes with your coffee, remember pods take hundreds of years to break down in landfill, and don’t forget to add the pod shell to the aluminium recycle loop or buy a reusable pod.

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