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Hologram life – Enter the Holoverse

Holograms are in! In 2016, Euclideon opened the world’s first Hologram Centre located in Southport. The venue uses advanced hologram technology to project artificial 3D worlds around the user. Gold Coast Life grabbed some kids and went to check it out.

Have you wanted to try Holoverse out and haven’t got around to it yet? Well, with school holidays coming up, now is your chance. The first thing to know is that the tickets are a much more expensive than if you simply went to a movie or similar activity that burned up a few hours. But you get what you pay for – a brand new experience that you most certainly haven’t had before.

And you are using extremely high-tech, expensive equipment. It’s expensive to go to Mars, but we are still going to do it, right? All you need to know is that in our opinion, it’s worth it.

Hologram life - Inside the Holoverse

Inside the Holoverse

Hologram Tables

When you first arrive, you can play games at a hologram table. They are like the old Pacman table games but they are the Star Trek version. The hologram tables can be played alone, or opposite a competitor. With your hologram glasses strapped to your noggin, you can do all sorts of things like shoot your nephew out of the sky while he’s flying his plane. The plane by this stage may or may not be touching your nose – holographically speaking. As it turns out, your nephew might shoot you out of the sky three times. And he may win. Rude.

You can also do other things like bash hippos or something, I don’t know, the kids were laughing with excitement, so I don’t care about innocent holographic hippos in this instance. Let them be bashed.

Bashing hippos on the hologram table

Bashing hippos on the hologram table

After you retire from your dubious career of being the pilot who is the most-shot-out-of-the-sky-in-history, you can go on to the “holoverse” proper. You get your 3D goggles back on. Those sexy things don’t make you look like an alien and a fly had a baby and it was you at all. And you get handed a “wand” which is used to control things in the game.

Choose Your Hologram Wisely

It is here that you get to choose the experience you will have. Be sure to choose the right game for the age group. For example, a farming experience is good for little kids, but not for teens. The Space experience is fantastic for adults, but might seem a little bit too educational for kids. So be sure to understand all of the meu options before choosing.

Full immersion into a hologram is a surreal experience

Full immersion into a hologram is a surreal experience

Once you choose, you will be submerged into a holographic world. You could be patting a lion in Africa, or swimming with dolphins in the ocean. You can jump down holes, fly through the sky or fight a dragon.

Some of the Experiences

Here are some of the strange and unusual experiences you can do at Holoverse.

Using the wand to control the game

Using the wand to control the game

Fly Over the Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly? In this experience you will fly over the Gold Coast. There is a commentary to give you a tour. At the end you will turn into a giant and stomp around the city.

The Planets

Mercury to Mars: This will take you on a holographic tour from Mercury to Mars where you can jump with the gravity of the Moon, learn how craters form, and see the tallest mountain on Mars.

You can put your head in the planets and see inside!

You can put your head in the planets and see inside!

The Planets – Jupiter to Pluto

Travel from Jupiter to Pluto, see the lakes of methane on Titan, visit the Moons of Jupiter, crash through the Ice of Europa, walk on Pluto, and see the diamonds on Neptune.

False Eden

This is a holographic game where you battle monsters on an alien planet. You can explore mountains, rivers, swamps, and deserts. There are mini bonus games along the way.

Veggie Patch Valley

This game is great for little kids. Dig a hole with your holographic shovel, plant a seed, water it with your holographic watering can and watch your corn grow. You can even plant a field and harvest the vegetables with your donkey.

If you want to take pics for your social media, it’s going to be tricky. Photos of holograms don’t work, they come out doubled and blurry. So, there is a photo hall there – a long wall of posters that people take photos in front of. Even though the photos are flat, if you position yourself correctly it will look like you are patting a turtle or holding a sword.

Learning how to use the Hologram table

Learning how to use the Hologram table

Overall, this was a great, new experience – once you leave, you feel like the Star Trek Holodeck is just so close, rather than light years away.


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