Build Your Own Organic Swimming Pool

An organic Pool is just what you need. The movement to swim in natural bodies of water, instead of artificial, stagnant bodies of water full of chemicals is growing momentum. Several decades ago in Austria, people were used to swimming in wild, pristine lakes in the summer. When they moved to the cities, they wanted…

Jellyfish Stings – Latest Research on How to Fix Them

Jellyfish stings. Nothing ruins a day on the beach faster, especially if it is a kid that gets stung. And worse – the treatment being applied in some places is out-of-date. This is making the situation worse. A team of scientists at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) decided to research the best methods…

Reef Robot: Making Coral Wonderlands

A new reef robot has been deployed to help spread coral babies on the Great Barrier Reef. And why should Gold Coasters take note? This “coral IVF” could be used to help build up the artificial reefs that are planned for the Gold Coast.

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