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More than 1600 angels descended on Kurrawa Beach this morning as the Gold Coast attempted the world record for Most People Making Sand Angels

Boardies are water repellent and quick-drying. But the chemical that makes them water-repellent is also a major pollutant. So we need to change our

DO YOU HAVE a business on the Gold Coast aimed at tourists? Well then you might be interested in this. A recent survey has

Virtual reality beaches can make us feel better in uncomfortable situations! IMAGINE WALKING along a beach on a lovely day. The waves are hitting on

IS YOUR BEACH swim going to be in clean waters? Soon, you’ll know in a jiffy, thanks to a new kind of robot buoy.

A new type of circular runway is shaking our ideas about how airports can be run using much smaller spaces, reports Nicole Buckler. [caption id="attachment_4092"

What does a city do with a whole pile of recycled materials like glass, rubber tyres and plastic car bumpers? If it is smart,

Councils across Australia are about to go into battle to see who can donate the most blood. It’s like Twilight without the fangs. But

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